Tori’s Portrait Session

Tori’s portrait session throughout Beaver, PA on August 1 was so much fun! I have known Tori since middle school. In fact, I was the student who was assigned to show her around the school on her first day. We were super close throughout high school. In the years since, we both will admit that we haven’t done a great job staying in touch. Thankfully we were able to reconnect while I’m home and spend some much needed time together.

Throughout the years, Tori has been building her modeling portfolio and I was lucky enough to help her add to it. Tori’s shoot is quite unlike any shoot I’ve done before but seriously one of my favorites. I’m a big fan of sunsets, hay fields and more rustic-country settings, but this shoot inspired me to think outside the box. I pushed myself creatively and came out with a urban city themed shoot complete with fire escapes, rundown storage lockers and a laundry mat!

This shoot was so much fun and I’m so happy it allowed me to reconnect with an old friend. Below are some of my favorite from the shoot…


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